How to Get the Best Price for Used Cars

There are many reasons you would want to sell your old car. It’s also understandable that you would want the best price for your old metal. The good news is that the used car market is at an all-time high. And what better time than now to offload your old vehicle? Most car dealerships in Melbourne will readily trade in or buy your old car. However, for the best deals and a successful sale, a few practical tips can help. In this blog, we have listed some simple yet effective hacks to make your deal sweeter.

4 Tips to Get the Best Price for Used Cars

Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when it comes to cars? To get a good price for your old car, there are several things you can do. Let us look at four such points that will let you the best possible price for your car.

Get Your Car Serviced

Servicing your old vehicle helps you sell used cars faster. Immaculately-maintained cars fetch a higher value in the market. Plus, they sell like hotcakes. A pro tip is to provide logbook details to the potential buyers as proof that your vehicle has been serviced at every turn.

If you haven’t serviced your car in a while, you should get it done before you put it on the market. While servicing will cost you a few dollars, it will make you more dollars in the end. You can also get scratches, dents and chips fixed if there are any.

Clean Your Car

Everybody loves a clean, fresh car. Keeping the vehicle looking and smelling nice can have a big impact on potential buyers. Before you sell car, take the time to clean the vehicle inside out.

Cleaning your car is pretty easy and needs only water and some soap. Also vacuum the interiors, every nook and corner, for a spotless finish. However, if you do not have the time or you doubt your car washing skills – you can always go for a car wash. For some extra cash, you can get your vehicle waxed and polished as well. It will add an extra shine to the body and make it look more appealing.

Be Realistic about Prices

Yes, it is your car – and you have it serviced regularly and kept it clean. However, you have to set realistic expectations regarding prices when you sell your car. Quoting a higher price can turn off the potential buyer, while you will end up in losses for a low-balling value.

In such cases, getting a professional opinion is very handy. Several car dealerships like GK Car Sales provide over-the-phone valuations for your vehicles. In fact, we can pay you cash for your car instantly – if you agree to our offer.

Take Good Photos

Often during second-hand car sales, potential buyers prefer a lot of pictures of the vehicle. It helps them better estimate the car’s value. As a seller, make sure you take plenty of pictures from different angles of the interiors and exteriors. Close-up shots of your vehicle’s key features such as the reversing camera, climate control seats, etc. will grab the buyer’s attention. You can also include photos of the odometer, engine, and dashboards to highlight the car’s condition as well.

These tips may sound over-the-top, but first impressions are everything. Following these suggestions can help you get the best dollars for your car. If you wish to offload your old vehicle in a hassle-free manner, GK Car Sales can help. We are the one-stop destination to buy and sell cars online in Melbourne. Our experience in the industry ensures that you get the fairest deals for your old metal.

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